Unnecessary Tech

A knob that will "re-analog" the knobs via a touchscreen interface - a really high tech way to go backwards. How about desingning a better touch interface or, even better still, using existing tech. Here is the Griffin Powermate - a USB multi-purpose knob. Couple with a touchscreen and you get the same result. Select the digital knob by touching it with your left hand, adjust using the knob in your right.

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thegameiam said...

Even worse, neither of those are actually analog devices - they both are quantized digital devices. What they're going for is the verisimilitude of an older way of doing things, and that itself encapsulates why it isn't necessary.

A digital wheel interface IS useful for some applications, but lets have no bones about it - it's digital.

Show me something with a true analog variable resistor, and then we'll talk.