How Drunk, Exactly?

That is impressively drunk. In other news...look how LONG it takes the poor shlub.



I can't even describe this, except to say that it is disruptive and I want it.


How about some kewl video.

Here's an incredible video about them dino-puppets I mentioned a while back. What a beautiful implementation of that technology:

And, why, pray tell, are you just getting video link instead of a serious, well-thought-out blog post? Because I am not feeling well, that's why. Apropos that:


Pariticpation Award

Obama received the Nobel peace prize this morning in a move that surprised even him. WHPS Gibbs had to wake him up just before 6 a.m. this morning to pass along the message. I woke up on my own this morning around 6 a.m., where's my Nobel?

I support the President, but I think my reaction was along the lines of what Gibbs had to be thinking: "Oh god. How are we going to live up to this one?" If W was master of anything it was keeping expectations low. Obama's chief fault may be the flip-side, and the Nobel, coming so early in his presidency and predicated presumably on his diplomatic world tour, doesn't help in that department.

Put bluntly, one could not be blamed for thinking that Obama didn't do much to earn this prize. The panel must have known that when they voted, which I think means two things. First, there was no other stand-out candidate. Indeed, thinking back over the year, I can't think of someone who fits the bill. Of course, that doesn't mean that the panel was without options. There are many, many unknown crusaders for justice and peace out there to choose from. Instead, it appears that the popularity-contest-cum-Nobel trend continues. Gore won it and some people pursed their lips. This year, the physics prize was explicitly aimed at those who had created technologies we use every day - Charles Kao, Willard Boyle and George Smith, creators of fiber optics and the CCD. If that is the prism through which one views the Nobel, Obama is a good choice.

Second, and perhaps more important, is the fact that there is no anti-Nobel prize. That is, even if Obama didn't do much yet, what he has done is a diplomatic 180 from the Bush administration. I don't know exactly how large that looms on the world stage, but I saw the shots of the Berlin rally and the for once favorable European press reviews of the current travels. The distinction is not in standing above the rest, but in so quickly returning from the void to stand with the rest that makes Obama special. If this was the reason for the prize, however, it is hardly about Obama at all. Instead, it is an abject lesson in just how bad W was as a leader, how painfully obvious that was to everyone else (like that girlfriend of yours they won't talk about), and how much damage that did to U.S. power and standing on the global stage.


Getting NASCAR 'Round

This is a NASCAR "Hauler Parade" from Vegas 2008. It is simply a lineup of all the team trucks as they motor from wherever to Vegas IMS (International Motor Speedway). Impressive huh? Each truck holds 2 cars in the back, a mobile garage + awning for unloading into the garage at the track + a communications/telemetry system in the front. The crew, driver, and team administration travel separately - many times also in RVs/buses.

Velveeta Chocolate Caramel Fudge

I don't know what is more disturbing, the notion of taking a processed cheese product and combining it with 2 chocolates and a caramel, or watching a dixie mama drip white goo all over a lesbian's face. You're gonna watch now, aren'tcha?


Auto Photoshopping.

PhotoSketch: Internet Image Montage from tao chen on Vimeo.

Feel like photoshopping yourself and Michelle Obama in the gym working those arms, but don't feel like, um, doing anything? For that matter, feel like having something else do stuff for you - like even the fun stuff? Then this technology is for you.

Seriously, though, damn.



For you Animaniacs fans, perhaps you missed its related series, "Histeria!" Imagine Animaniacs but all about history. To wit:


Separated at Birth?

The top is Lisa Edelstein, Dr. Cuddy from House. The bottom? Nadia Comaneci - fmr. Soviet olympian and apparently now a Chi town booster. Thanks SI.com.


Mmmm, Time Lapse Pop Art

Robert Burden likes doing pop art. Better than that, he likes filming the process. I present to you the battlecat from HeMan...

Seeing how much work actually went into the piece in time lapse might actually raise its value. IMHO.