I can't even describe this, except to say that it is disruptive and I want it.

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bachrach44 said...

That is interesting, and while I agree that computer UIs need a 21st century facelift, I don't think this is the answer. One of the problems is that you have to keep moving your hands a large distance between the touchpad and the keyboard, and wherever you put them, one will be in a good location, and one will be in a slightly more inconvenient one. I've found that the reason I use the command line and keyboard shortcuts so much is that simply moving the mouse and moving my hand to the mouse slows me down a lot. When doing something like typing a document I can only imagine that it would get in the way. I'm also not convinced that having different numbers of fingers do different things will work - all too often when using a touchpad people have nowhere to put an extra finger or two, and it just ends up trailing along the pad.