Going on Hiatus

My dear readers, Small Thoughts has been a labor of love for a few years now, resulting in nearly 1000 posts. In that time, readership has grown to a stable several hundred a month. I thank each and every one of you.

Small Thoughts has long been a creative outlet, bringing balance to my life dominated by the verbose and the serious. I've come to a point in my life and career where that creative need is sated daily by my work and family, so I am taking a hiatus from the blog to focus on both.

Thank you, and I hope to see you around on the nets!


Just Take That Money And Help the Homeless

A $200 Herman Miller top. Beautiful, but admittedly less comfortable than his office chairs, these baubles are completely useless. Still getting a bonus? Blow it here! Or maybe now is not the time for $200 passe children's toys.

Don't Get Too Winning-y Now

When the most expensive team in baseball wins it all in the most expensive stadium in the sport, that's ok. Thing is, you don't want to repeat that feat too often, lest baseball aficionados start to squeal about parity...and then where would the bronx billionaires be?

Congrats to the Golden Boy, Judas, Matsui, and Hank the Crank. Hank, you are, in fact, still an idiot.



I likes me some e-readers. I think most of the readers here know that. Kindle wasn't bad. iRex is still too expensive. Sony is too expensive relative to Kindle. And now we have the nook and the Alex, which combine a large e-ink screen with a smaller color capacitive touch screen. The nooks just lists the books you can get on the machine (at least from what I've seen.) That's just a waste.

Alex, reviewed in depth here, builds on the concept. While it does not have the 3G anywhere connectivity of Nook and Kindle, Alex has a larger color touchscreen running Android. The plus - greater functionality and an on screen keyboard. The minus - once the color screen is large enough, it starts to dominate the experience. Are you reading documents or watching movies and checking the internet? Do one and you waste the other interface on the device. I predict the device evolves quickly or dies.

Enter PlasticLogic's "Q", which is the first "business reader" and will be sold next to the Nook at BN. I hope to see a device sub $600 with a zippy touchscreen that permits document markup. Yes, I plan to be a bit disappointed.

Back! Been really busy

The problem with jury duty is that it takes all day, which doesn't leave you a lot of time to do everything else that takes all day. Now I have had two weeks of lost time, so I am just getting back into the blogging.