Fashion has finally gotten to the point where women are not attractive. I am talking about flip flops with angled wrap-arounds and UgZ with capris. I am talking about every gaggle of pre-, mid-, post-, and retro-teen you see at a sidewalk encounter, touching and commenting as if the purpose were to determine a best of breed.

"Wow, that skirt is so cute!"
"That shirt is wonderful. Annie had one like that and I used to borrow it, but then we went to..."

That's when most males and higher animals zone out and start looking for an oncoming bus. The story always ends up that someone lost the top, they are no longer friends because of it, and she still has this skirt of mine that I can't get back. Everyone nods knowingly.

Not once in this conversation does anyone say, "You look great." Usually, there is no mention of demeanor, expression, or even complexion - save to comment on how this product or that could improve an isolated piece. Therein lies the problem. There is no whole woman.