Hybrids, a Panacea

Americans are apparently dumb enough to believe that hybrids are the solution to the gas crisis because a 4 ton behemoth truck known as the Tahoe can now get 20 mpg, even though a standard fuel minivan can top 27 mpg and my 4 door standard fuel Civic (which can accomodate the 1-2 passengers cars have in them around 90% of the time) gets nearly 40.

So lets fix other things stupid people like with hybrids. First stop, reality TV. What could be better than Top Chef or Project Runway? Runway chef, where contestants team up to dress the chef who dresses the goose to please the judges. Best outfit meets best dish to win. Speaking of best dish, let's not forget gossip shows like Real World and the Surreal life or appearance shows like America's Next Top Model or What Not To Wear. The hybrid: washed up celebrities get fantastic new looks to try to make again in today's media scene. And what about love and skill shows? Tila drops her tequila and Chris his Angel for the chance to teach two teams of wanna-be to strut their stuff. Better yet, let's just put them all on an island - with all of that cooking, cleaning, sowing, flirting, strutting, and politicking, the contestants should have a fully-functioning society up and running in no time. We'll call it, "America's Got Too Much Time on Its Hands."

[ p.s.: Holy crap, I think I just realized that reality shows are nothing more than getting us to compete at our chores. ]


adinalex said...

Are you kidding? Everyhing is better on TV. Things I do are boring, but watching other people do it on TV is exciting! I happen to LOVE "Clean Sweep" where they make other peole de-clutter their homes. Just don't look in MY closets... And forget about the cooking shows, I can watch those all day, but I hate making dinner.

Anonymous said...

About 1.5 years ago, I remember looking around for a US auto manufacturer who was making a hybrid car. No dice. There were a zillion hybrid trucks, but no cars. Sigh. I suppose that a hybrid truck is better, if you absolutely have to have a truck, but they're hardly the solution to any of the substantive problems we've got right now...