They're Innocent, but you know what? Kiddie Pageants Still Give Me the Creeps.

Turns out JonBenet Ramsey wasn't killed by her rich, overly-coiffed parents. The DA recently id'd DNA from skin cells left at the crime scene, determined that it couldn't have been the parents, and dropped all charges.

The Ramsey's whole life was shot over this death. They moved from Atlanta, and, while rich, they've had to lay very low. JonBenet's mother died of cancer in 2006, still under the pall of accusations, and now the father and son have nothing but their defamation suits to comfort them.

I'll admit thinking these folks were guilty as sin when I first heard of the case. C'mon. Her name is made up of her father's names (John Bennett), she was a pageant competitor before she hit grade school...the level of materialism and narcissism in this family was enough to make anything seem possible. I was wrong - I wonder who I can blame for that.

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