Not Feeling a Lot of Sympathy

Marie Jarry - already a good start to a story - called in sick to her job to take this photo. That's her husband, Aaron, on the right. Together, they won Howard Stern's Hottest Wife, Ugliest Husband contest. (I reserve judgment on that).
The story is here because Marie was calling in sick to her job as a second grade teacher in Southington, CT. The school system claims she resigned. She claims she "resigned."
The one interesting note is that the school claims that the resignation was the result of PTA complains about Ms. Jarry's comments regarding the mechanics of sex with her Hubby, not her appearance per se. One point for the parents, and whatever spokesman for the school board picked up on that nugget.
As for Ms. Jarry - I don't feel a lot of sympathy here. HS runs an offensive show that's wide syndicated. You were going on for exposure. You can't complain if that exposure reaches people who might not want their child's teacher - a profession that is very much about the temperament of the particular person - parading in the "King of all Media"'s lair.

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Anonymous said...

Why in the world would anyone want to get their 15 minutes of fame via entering, let alone winning, a contest which is so degrading?