Political Tidbit

The stories currently on the wire - Obama on faith-based initiatives, McCain vs. Clark - are just a sign that there really is no campaign news now. Both sides are gearing up the the general. The DNC is moving to CHI; McCain has traded his straight talk bus for a tricked out 737. You can ignore all of this unless you think of politics as an extension of Extra!

The only remarks worth noting are that of Ariana Huffington, who exhorts Mr. Obama not to undercut his strengths by moving to towards the center. I tend to agree. This candidate's strengths lie in his ability to inspire and to lead as a progressive. That resonated with voters in the Spring and it should do so again in the fall. Being in the center risks an impression that you are more of the same or, worse, that you've abandoned the principles that made you so attractive from the get-go.

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Anonymous said...

I thought that the attraction to Sen. Obama was based on the idea that he was a "different" kind of politician - if he stays on the far left, what's so different about him?