Google Chrome

I just downloaded it to give it a shot. First, I am not using it for Blogger or Google Docs until they fix the overly-broad EULA. I don't really feel like granting a license to Google for all of my prose. Aside from that, Chrome rocks.

1. Faster opening time. Call it 1/2 of Firefox and an eon before IE (and IE is INTEGRATED into Windows).
2. Faster page load times. Someone over at Google wrote some lightning parsing software. Amazing.
3. Simpler interface. I like it, along with some of the bells and whistles, such as prime address highlighting, most visited sites on the home page, etc.

Here is my only reservation. I don't see this taking IE out of the market thanks to its corporate appeal. The danger is to Firefox. That said, Firefox is a volunteer project, so there no danger of losing capital, so perhaps it is not a big deal. My wish would be that Google works on making this appeal to enterprises so it becomes an IE killer.

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