I UnHeart LA

I just got back.

For those of you who read this blog and think, "Hey! I live in LA and Alon didn't reach out to me!" - We landed Wed. evening, I had a wedding reception Wed., an evening with my childhood best friend Thurs., I worked Wed/Thurs/Fri during the day, and spent Saturday in Bakersfield with the in-laws. There was not a free moment - so, yes, I still miss you.

To those I saw: My god it has been too long.

As for LA - the amazing thing is how little it has changed in the decade I was gone. That is not a good thing, especially for your respiratory health. If you wonder weather it seems God is intermittently trying to destroy LA, remember that he is doing it out of love.

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David said...

Welcome back!

Larry Niven said (paraphrased... memory corruption issues) "Once every decade God rolls the smog away from Los Angeles to see if it's still there. If it is, he rolls it back."