Pat Pat Pat

The Pats showed a ground game and the same level of defense as last
year to step over the Jets and on to next week's "it would be a trap
game but they are SO bad" againt MIA. This is football backwards. The
Jets get a star QB and still suck. The Pats lose a star QB and the
rest of the team helps carry the competent replacement on their

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adinalex said...

You don't know this since you don't have kids yet, but there is this cartoon called "Little Einsteins." In order for the kids on the show to make their rocket (named Rocket, of course) fly, they all have to pat their laps while chanting "Pat Pat Pat Pat..." then the rocket takes off. So the whole point is, I have kids who annoyingly shout "PAT PAT PAT" all day long, and that is what I thought your blog was about until I read it.