Change That is Actually Change

Two Things:
1. Barack - where is the enthusiasm you show so well on stage? I haven't seen the energy on recent television appearances. Your vigor is part of your message. Let's see it!

2. Can someone just start funding replays from the Daily Show as ads? Nobody has done a better job of juxtaposing the statements of candidate McCain and Senator McCain, or, in this case, overlaying McBush 2008 on Cain 2000: (FF to 4:10 if you don't have the patience for humor)

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thegameiam said...

Snark and ridicule is very effective as a campaign tool, but beware: they tend to energize the faithful, and energize the opponents. What they do to independent voters is pretty variable. I would say that the snark and ridicule from Guliani and Palin at the RNC was quite effective at rallying Republicans, but it *really* pissed off Democrats.