Yes, But Do You Have One That I Can Mount To My Dog?

"Not Intended For Households With Children." I agree, so long as we recall that we are all somebody's children.


thegameiam said...

As someone who supports personal firearm ownership, and thinks it's a great idea for most homes to have a rifle, I'm speechless.

Well, almost: I can't really see why that would be better than mounting it on the wall over the bed, which would have the extra advantage of being out of children's easy reach (or nuzzle-action dog reach either).

This thing looks like a recipe for accidental discharge. Then again, finally there'll be consequences for hogging the blankets!

purfuitofhappineff said...

Being a fan of Clint Eastwood movies, I think we also need a gun-mount next to the bath tub!

Shoshana said...

*Then again, finally there'll be consequences for hogging the blankets!*

Well, it did mention getting one for each side of the bed.

A said...

Oh boy. I'll take six.

That way it'll cover the beds in the guest rooms for when people bring their youn' guns over.


Youn' guns.

Rella said...

I'm adding this to my birthday wish list :)