This isn't a political tidbit. I'll just chalk it up to amazement and leave the value judgments to the rest of you. Vanity Fair tallied up the cost of one of Cindy McCain's outfits at the Convention: $300,000..

$280,000 of that are two 3 carat diamond earrings. Even without that, when was the last time "someone just like you" spent on an ensemble what I spent on my entire wedding? (and my wedding wasn't cheap according to most Americans).


Ennasia said...

$300,000 outfit..! Really amazing and little bit stupid.

Adinalex said...

You have to understand how these things work. She didn't spend $20K on clothes. She spend $5K on clothes, and $15K on the stylists, designers, and the hair and makeup people who travel in her entourage. And cosmetic procedures (aka botox...) So altogether it cost her $20K too stand there looking like that, plus the earrings.

Doesn't that seem much more reasonable now?