Pat Pat

Brady is hurt. I know I will get questions about it. Bottom line, there is nothing anyone can do about it. I want him to heal. I don't know or expect that it will happen this season. I think the Pat's depth will be called upon to salvage this season. Let's get a veteran to back up Cassel for a few weeks as the vet learns the system and take it from there.

And how about them Jaguars? And Bears?!

And I still think Favre should have stayed retired.


Male Moon said...

Too bad Favre didn't wait until after Week 1 to sign with a team...

bachrach44 said...

DJ Gallo has some good news for you:

Dark days in Boston. The Dreamboat reportedly has a torn sail. But cheer up, Patriots fans! It's onward and upward! Remember Drew Bledsoe? He started eight-plus seasons in New England, went to a Super Bowl, was an NFL star, got hurt and then lost his job to lightly-regarded Tom Brady. Brady has started seven-plus seasons, won three Super Bowls, is an international celebrity and now got hurt and will be replaced by the lightly-regarded Matt Cassel. If the pattern holds, Cassell will win six Super Bowls in six seasons and then be injured under a pile of supermodels.