www.youvebeenleftbehind.com will send up to 62 of your closest damned friends a reminder that you are indeed holier than they. If none of the site's 5 admins log in within a set period, the site will know that they've been sported up to heaven as part of the Rapture. Six days later, it will send you their personalized "wish you were worthy to be here." Cost to you: $40/year.

This is a lesson in scienter (intent). Ponder this: I don't believe in the rapture, but I know others do. I am committing fraud, or am I acting unethically, if I were to offer this service to cater to the belief of others?

HT www.wired.com.


Flipper said...

wonders alound: Are the five admins permitted to ride in an automobile or fly in a plane together?

If just one of the admins doesn't login for a few days, does everyone get an email saying "Admin Joe kicked the bucket"?

bachrach44 said...

Meh - it's just a rip off of http://www.raptureletters.com which does it for free.