Political Tidbit

Story arc completed: Dem Nominee (Obama) selected.
Next story arc: Veepstakes.
Next expected arc: Dem Unity or Speculation about the General.

Question: Months ago, we asked whether the "dream ticket" would be bad because it would give the GOP both a Clinton and a Liberal Black Man as targets. I don't hear anyone complaining now that HRC could be dangerous for Obama. Has anything changed?

The counter-argument is HRC's track record in calling voters to the polls - nearly 18M of them. Will they come out for her in the same numbers if she is veep in Nov? Do her impressive numbers shift the balance in any of FL, OH, or PA?

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Anonymous said...

I think that Obama/Clinton would be everything wrong and nothing right, and I say this as someone who would rather see Clinton as president than Obama (that is, of course, if "none of the above" isn't an option).