Prosecute All You Want, But Do It Respectfully

N. Charlston, South Car. city prosecutor Dale DuTremble needs a lesson in propriety. He refused to prosecute an assault charge made by one undocumented immigrant against another. Amongst his other reasons:

I also have learned that neither of you have a green card and are in this
country illegally. I further have been advised that it will cost the City of
North Charleston a great deal of money to hire an interpreter whose
qualifications meet the requirements of both sides in this dispute. I have no
intention of asking the City of North Charleston to spend any money at all for
two grown women who, despite being in this country illegally, cannot observe the
basic courtesy expected of both citizens and guests of this country. This
includes the courtesy of obeying the law. I have decided to refer both of your
names to ICE; more specifically, to the office of Detention and Removal, in
Atlanta, Georgia, with a request that they begin deportation proceedings
immediately. Once deported to your country, you will be free to fight with each
other on a daily basis, and since you both speak Spanish, you will be right at
home in the court system of your native land.

Mr. DuTremble, we don't treat perps with respect because they deserve it, we treat them with respect as a sign to the rest of society that our government can be trusted to carry out its police power - that most dangerous when subject to abuse - with dignity.

Thanks to prawfsblawg.

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