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If you did not have the pleasure of watching the Celts come back time and again from 20+ point deficits last night to beat the Lakers, you should find a friend with an overactive Tivo and plan to watch live Sunday. The overpaid Lakes got overplayed. It was beautiful.

The deficit is the largest ever overcome to win a game by a team in the playoffs.

In the spirit of numerical analysis: baseball teams are now losing on the road at a higher rate than seen in decades. Why? Jonah Lehrer thinks it might be withdrawal - from amphetamines and steroids.

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Shoshana said...

Story re: last night's basketball game--I was feeling sleepy and laying on the couch with the lap top on my lap (funny that!) with their live update thing going. The Celtics were down and didn't seem to be getting close. I then dozed off and when I awoke, it was 15.7 seconds left in the game and Boston up by 5. I believe my comment was "Holy Shit!" I am hoping that they end this on Sunday night.

Re: teams losing on the road more: No, the Nats have the same loss record on the road as at home. They are more than able to lose in either place. Frankly, they just stink right.