Even For This Crowd, This is Too Much

There are a LOT of single malt lubbers in Georgetown. No surprise there; collections routinely top $450, and some travel well into the four figures. Well boys, here's one you cannot afford: Ardbeg Double Barrel. 2 single malt bottles, 1974, in a custom shooting bag with eight silver cups.

It'll set you back $23,000.

[EDIT: I got some comments that said, "Oy, but the packaging makes it SO expensive." Another HT to Flippish for passing along an offer from our own Calvert Woodley - Macallan 55. Only 420 bottles ever made at $11,000 each.]

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Anonymous said...

I have the Ardbeg 10 and the distillery's "Airigh Nam Beist" bottling. I don't, however, have the gelt to afford the '74 in the special package, though the distillery sent me an ad package a few months back. I'd be interested in the whisky sold in a normal bottle, but not in this stratospherically-priced form.