Texas, Let's Just Make It A 'Whole Other Country

The Texas Republicans held their state convention, where these beauties were for sale. I respectfully request that the RNC denounce these pins and promise that they won't be allowed at the next event.
Before you get all up in arms: I am not arguing that we suppress the speech. You wanna make these pins, go ahead. I just want the other major party in this country to acknowledge how destructive such rhetoric can be and take efforts to remove it from their campaign message.
If I were the dems, I'd be running to the pundits to make this McCain's flag pin.
[EDIT: Per the comments, credit to Flippish for confirming that this is a real pin. http://tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsmemo.com/2008/06/texas_gop_we_didnt_know_about.php.
Comment away.]


Maxim said...

I'd like to make a friendly gentleman's wager that this "button for sale" is a hoax. I say this because the image looks like a fake -- the lettering doesn't look like part of the button at all, but rather like an unsophisticated photoshop job. If not a hoax, it's quite likely the story is inaccurately reported in a similar vein -- e.g. some dude made a bunch of these on CafePress and was selling them, but the RNC wasn't behind it.

Anonymous said...

I hope that's fake.

I withhold further condemnation until it's verified, but that is an appalling button.