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There hasn't been one of these in a while because there hasn't been campaign news of any substance for a long time. Barack took the lead and kept it. Now it has come time to end the primary. Two thoughts:

1. How can going all the way to the Convention to pick a candidate be death to the party? The Convention was created in order to pick a candidate! If we really can't wait that long, let's move the Convention back to June.

2. HRC is going to lose. That has not changed since Barack took the lead either, so what can I add to this discussion? I think her gripe that the media handed this to Obama has some validity to it. She is SO close to him in delegates that any Solomon-like solution should really happen at the Covention with the two candidates on equal footing. This is not a sprint where winning by one step is all that matters. If you win by 1-3%, the other person still represents 47% or more of your own party. Here, she might even represent the popular majority of the party.

I am not advocating any change in the system. HRC is as politically savvy as they come. Her failure to recognize the need to clean up in caucuses lost her this election and she should have seen it coming.

What I want to focus on is her complaint against the media. Sure you're not getting the attention you deserve Mrs. Clinton, and do you know why? Because they want it to end so they can move on to the next story. They were willing to stir it up when it looked like MI and FL would hold new primaries - but that's it. The Obama/Clinton saga is done as far as their story arc is concerned. Next comes Veep speculation, then Convention coverage, and then the general election - all of which together will equal the TV time Obama/Clinton got loe these many months.

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Male Moon said...

Why do you suggest a Solomon-like solution? This is an election and Barack is winning under the rules of the election (even after the rules were changed to help Hillary by seating some MI & FL delegates). Why should Hillary be given equal footing at the convention if she loses? Al Gore and John Kerry didn't get to make speeches or have a role based on their good showings in the general election. Why should Hillary here? Elections/caucuses are the forums to choose a candidate. The convention is supposed to be political theater used to rally the party behind its candidate.

Now, if the super-delegates refuse to decide before the Convention, that's another story... But it appears that either Barack will have the delegates he needs soon or Hillary will drop out (or both). I do think you make a good point that the convention should be moved to right after the primaries (giving a proper period for legal challenges, recounts, etc.).

Oh, and I think that letting the nomination process go until the the Convention could hurt the party because of individuals like Harriet Christian. If you haven't seen her rant, I recommend looking her up on YouTube. Now while she may not turn around and vote for Obama, there are others who - if given sufficient time - will vote for him even though they might be bitter right now from this primary battle. Over time most Clinton supporters will realize that McCain is terrible on all the issues they really value. The goal is to give Obama time to heal the party before the Convention, thus allowing a united Democratic party to roll in November. If the fight goes to the Convention, a large chunk of the Democratic party will leave upset and disillusioned at the result. Then Barack has to spend precious time trying to heal the Democratic party rather than focusing on McCain and Congressional victories. Does this theory hold water? Tough to say, but I would point again to the Harriet Christian video.