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It looks like we will have the first viable black candidate this election cycle. Race is not an issue for me; I couldn't care less if Barack was green or Hillary was a hermaphrodite. I also know that race is going to be a huge issue going forward.

1. We'll hear a ton about what black America will do. Will we see more of them at the polls? Let's admit that this question is a little racist and then let's ask: is it wrong for blacks to vote for blacks because of their race, or similarly for women to vote for women? Is it racist, then, for white men to vote McCain?

2. Separate from de facto racism, I am sad to say that I think there will be a lot of overt racism in an Obama/McCain race. It will be interesting how much of their time the candidates (both of them) will spend downplaying and decrying such practices. It could be a real distraction.

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DCFearless said...

I would care if Hillary was a hermaphrodite.