Orifice Politics

[ Warning - this content is a little more explicit than some other posts ]

Slate reports on an Adolscent Health Journal survey that shows that well over 3/4 of people who has lost their "vaginal virginity" have also lost their "oral virginity." Their what? How do you lose something I never even knew you had?

Also, this is a perversion (I know, isn't it delicious?) of the concept of virginity. Originally, virginity was determined by the rupture of the female's hymen. Apparently, the new conception of virginity isn't about piercing, and it isn't about entry either. Clearly things go in and out (in and out) of people's mouths all the time. What determines virginity now is not if but what is placed in an orifice or, more remotely still, for what purpose an orifice is employed.

Taking this idea to it's logical extreme, why not presume a virginity for every part of ourselves not yet sullied by the sex act. Mental virginity until the first sexual thought, sleep-away virginity until the first make-out session at camp, residential virginity - which really should be subdivided by the type of room in your house ... and we should probably include the car, the yard, motels, hotels, resorts, and the ocassional deserted-but-still-public place.

Or we could just go back to calling "oral virginity", "the first time they had oral sex."


elanit said...

"Residential virginity"- don't we already have that with "christening the kitchen" etc.? :)

Flipper said...

Thanks a lot. Having read your article, now I've lost my ocular virginity.

Rella said...

Arguably, they are trying to bring oral sex up to the level of vaginal sex. If you ask most teenagers, they don't consider oral sex to be sex. On the contrary, ask your everyday Catholic (or Jewish) school-girl and she will tell you that oral sex is okay because she is still a virgin.