What is a Boy to Do?

I want a netbook, but not just any netbook. Originally, I wanted a full keyboard. Those have arrived. Then I wanted a tablet. Those have not arrived. I mean, heck, they've been around for almost a decade and they STILL have not "arrived."

Now it looks like there is a chance for these bad boys:

EXHIBIT A: The apple tablet. You know things are moving when the financial analysts are hearing noises from the component manufacturers about a coming product. I am sure Apple rues the day that their suppliers got email. The company has managed a fair amount of secrecy in the face of such close scrutiny. (Like when people thought the glass touch screens apple ordered were for iPhone nanos and they turned out to be the touchpads for the unbody MacBooks). There are few details, though the money is on a fall release.

EXHIBIT B: The new Dell Latitude 2100. Actually a cool idea for classrooms (with a centralized, networked charging dock, etc.) is also getting a touchscreen. I don't what kind of touchscreen, and, in fact, the screen won't swivel like a tablet, but it is coming very soon for a lot less than the mac tablet, so it is - at the very least - titillating.

Then, of course, there's the Asus T91 - progeny of the EEEPc. That's giong to the UK in a month. Lord knows if and when it will make it here.

Like I said, what is a boy to do?

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