I Know I Do It Every Week, But It Scares me.

This is the definition of irrational fear. Tony Kornheiser - half of ESPN's sports blitz known as Pardon the Interruption (PTI to the initiate) - is quitting the color commentary spot on Monday Night Football citing a fear of flying. Tony held the job for the three years, jetting to cities every single week. Not to mention that he also travels frequently as part of PTI. How did he make it all that time? That's over 150 flights? Is it getting worse? And so on, and so on. Bottom line - cite personal or professional reasons and move on. This reason just opens up a ton of questions you don't want.

Oh, and he's being replaced by Jon Gruden, fmr. head coach of the Tamba Bay Bucks. A man lovingly known as "Chucky" from doll horror fame.

And a final sports thought....maybe jockeys do have an effect. Mine that Bird won the Derby at 50:1. A few weeks later, Alexandra won the Preakness - the first filly either ever or in a long time. Both were ridden by the same jockey.

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Flipper said...

I've been wondering if there's a jockey triple crown. (Now that I type that, it sounds like a horrendous, though perhaps comfortable, underwear product)

TK's studio is in my building. I'll hassle him about the flying thing if I see him in the elevator.