How Not To Set Up a Menu

I have changed the ring tone on every phone I have ever owned, including my blackberries. But it was not until I had to explain to someone else how to do this that I realized how poorly this feature was designed. To get to the ring tone selector:
  • Select "Profiles" from the home screen
  • Scroll down to "Advanced" - which isn't intuitive -
  • Select the profile you want to edit
  • Select the ring tone option
  • Scroll to find the ring tone.

Five steps just to select a ring tone. The funny thing is that my first change would be to make "Ring/Vibrate" part of the "Settings" menu, which would serve to bury it one step deeper. Still, having "Profiles," whatever THAT means, separate from "Settings" makes little sense. Indeed, I didn't remember it when I was asked. I had to pull out my own BB and scroll around.

Another thing iPhone does better.

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RAK said...

I had a phone that, if you wanted to change from ring to vibrate, you had to go through each volume setting of the ring--and it would ring when doing so. So if you forgot to switch over before, say, a really important meeting, there was no way to change it silently during the meeting. Brilliant.