The Emperor Is Wearing a Sash

This is the Moby Wrap (http://www.mobywrap.com/) yuppie baby wrap system for newborns through preteens. It comes in 12 colors, you can get an organic one, and it has about a million configurations. Front, back, side, sleeping, nursing, "women's size", twins, you name it. Oh, and you can get one that supports some nature organization. Oh, and it's a breathable fabric. And it's $40-70.
It's a piece of fabric. There, I've said it. Correction, it is a piece of fabric and a set of origami instructions. In the interest of full disclosure, we might get one of these, but am I crazy, or can I just get a 1' x 10' stretch of Jersey cotton and check out the video on YouTube.com for about $15?


bachrach44 said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of baby consumerism. It's even worse than wedding consumerism, because if you don't buy the newest gizmo, you will be permanently disadvantaging your child. (Insert scary voice here).

Don't worry though - there is a cycle of overpriced baby crap that goes like this.
maketing->store->overexcited grandparent->gift to parent->craigslist for $5.

Go shopping on craigslist.

David said...

Xerp: for you to make a "Moby wrap" you would need to take a strip of cloth, give it a half-twist, and then sew the ends together. That way the child and mother would be on the same side!