Poor Persnickety Prejean

Miss California USA - I assume there is a Ms. California Baja in the Mexico pageant, hence the need to be specific - claimed she had one lingerie photo taken. Now there are two, and the media is loving the slow death of another "famous because the flameout" figure. I don't care if the photo is no racier than her swimsuit segment performance, and I don't care that her boobs were courtesy of the pageant (wow, I can't get free breakfast at my Holiday Inn!).

What I care about is her decision to come to Washington and decry the ills of gay marriage. Before any of the photo scandals, I was tired of being preached at about moral values by a single chick seeking TV time on the basis of her sex appeal. Yeah, gay marriage goes against God's intentions, but so do premarital sex, immodest dress, and, for that matter, a lot of modern women's' rights. Any plans to come to Washington and credibly argue for those causes, Ms. Prejean?

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