There's a new word for ya - go forth and spread it.

I am Twilliterate. I don't Tweet and I don't follow Tweets. Perhaps I am not as Twilliterate as some, who don't even know that one "Tweets" on "Twitter."

Perhaps Tweets are like blogs - they just need more time to catch on. Unlike blogs, the media picked up Twittering early and is, in some ways, hastening that growth. I am not sure I like the idea. Blogging already requires people to "feed the machine." I do, around twice a day. I like the outlet. Twittering 6 times or more a day with banal musings about flossings, frappes, and fritters - no, thanks. That's a chore.

So I am intentionally Twilliterate. I also don't read your Facebook status. I get it, we're all going about our daily lives. I feel no need to show you mine and am not going to bother when you show me yours. Deal?


bachrach44 said...

twit - someone who uses twitter.

Jim said...

perhaps you're just jealous that you can't blog in less than 140 characters?

E.Richardson said...

I am building a site for the anti-Twitter group. I have already registered www.Twilliterate.com and I a have already created a shirt that shows the domain on the front and in large letters, "TWEETS ARE FOR TWITS" on the back. Good call!