Passover, All Year Round...But, Like, Good.

Pepsi will release "Pepsi throwback" (something they should consider doing with their new logo). The 'back' means a return to cane sugar sweeteners - something normally only found on passover when corn-based - nay all leguminous - products aren't kosher and the conspicuous yellow caps appear.

Someone has either tipped the rest of the world to this or people suddenly find themselves liking the sodas a lot of more and, therefore, buying more of them, because Passover soda sells like hotcakes. It can't all be due to kosher-food seekers.

And the final irony: I am pretty sure Pepsi throwback won't be kosher for passover because, while made with cane sugar, it will not be made in a plant certified kosher to passover standards. Still, I could be wrong.

[HT: www.Kottke.org ]


Adinalex said...

I don't think it needs to be a kosher for passover plant, because the ONLY ingredient that is changed is the corn syrup. Corn Syrup isn't actually Chometz, it is kitniyot, which makes a world of difference, because it isn't "not kosher" for pesach, it is just not acceptable to ashkenazic the pesach observers to eat that food. (Dishes are still ok to use on pesach, if they had kitniyot on them, I believe.) It's that funny grey area that makes me LOVE rabbis and judaic practices...

Anonymous said...

Corn is not a legume - it's a grass.