I Get It, You Can't Live Like A Millionaire Without Millions

Sometimes, you just have to click on the link and read the whole thing. This is one of those cases. I read this piece (NYT, about how it's really hard to make it in NYC on $500K a year) and thought, "Are you being ironic? Wait. No. Are you being serious?!"

I understand that people who earn a lot of money spend a lot of money keeping up the lifestyle their money affords them. That's kinda how it works. But it also works that if you earn less money, you have to cut back on the lifestyle. That's what non-millionaires do when times are tough -- and, no, that doesn't make the two equivalent. A Wal-Mart greeter who loses his/her job might lose their health care. It's not the same has having to stop vacationing for $16-20,000 a year or foregoing the $30,000 club membership. And the argument that a captain of industry needs to look like a captain of industry...well, some would argue that's part of what got us where we are now.

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adinalex said...

It's makes me want to cry that the values of some people in this country are "I don't want to give up my fancy vacations every year" while others can't afford to see a doctor. and that a newspaper this it is valid to report on this objectively without saying "what is wrong with you people!!!"