Obama Tech

We all got to see the "Beast" yesterday. You know, that thing that looks like a limo until someone walks up to it and you realize that is 6 ft tall with 8 inch thick doors.

Turns out there was an even cooler piece of tech on view for every V-Obama-yeur. His bullet resistant suit. It's made from a material that feels like fabric but whose molecules reorienct in response to kinetic impact. The result is that the material goes from soft to rigid when hit by something like a bullet. (This is like non-newtonian fluids).

Now bullet resistant is not bullet proof, just as with water. Thing is, for a few thousand a suit, it is a lot cheaper than the Secret Service that surrounds it, and really is the last possible line of defense.

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David said...

That is wicked cool technology. Now that we're on non-Newtonian fluids, any chance we'll get to non-Arisotelian philosophy? ;)