There is Bad Policy and Then There's Being a Jerk

Reports are coming out that Bush turned down the Obamas' request to stay at Blair House a little early before it was ever booked to begin with. Instead, former Aussie PM, Howard, is staying in one of the 119 rooms for one night next week. This is petty and it doesn't do much for a president whose legacy can use all the help it can get. I am glad the Obama camp has been mum about it.

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elanit said...

This is more than just petty; I would say it's close to criminal (in a metaphorical sense at least).

Think about how much money this is costing us, the taxpayers, and us, DC residents. Putting the Obama's up in a hotel that sits on a major traffic artery not only causes a ton of traffic and redirected bus routes, etc., but it costs a hell of a lot. Putting the former AUS PM in a hotel, on the other hand, costs us close to, if not, absolutely nothing.