Tomacco Juice

From the genius of www.failblog.org. This, of course, will trip the light fantastic in the cortexes of Simpson fans:
In the Simpsons episode, AABF19 "E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)" from season 11,
episode 5, Homer Simpson accidentally
creates the tomacco when he "planted a little bit of everything" and fertilized
his tomato and tobacco fields with plutonium. The result is a
tomato that apparently has a dried, gray tobacco center, and, although many
characters describe it as tasting terrible (Ralph
: "Eww, Daddy, this tastes like Grandma!" Clancy
: "Holy Moses, it DOES taste like
, it is also immediately and powerfully addictive. Homer promptly
labels the creation "Tomacco" and sells it in large quantities to unsuspecting
passers by.

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Anonymous said...

Did I see Tomacco Juice going across the supermarket scanner in the beginning of The Simpsons?