Money. Cars. And Naked Women.Now That's What I Call a Bailout.

First, I sure I am not the first person to note the resemblence here. Second, Flynt - who you may know from his charming litany of literary publications or simply Flynt, The People vs. - has requested $5 billion in bailout money.
Personally, I think this is free publicity. The real downside is that is leads to the inevitable, "Hey, everyone else if &^%@! the taxpayer, might as well let a pro do it!" Actually, the real real downside that is that might get something.
In all seriousness, I would expect all vice, gambling, drinking, smoking, and sex, to do just fine in a down economy. Anyone have numbers on that?


David said...

C'mon, times are hard

David said...

I'm certain that he'll be stimulated by the package.

bachrach44 said...

I do believe a direct injection might be needed to shore up our sagging porn industry.

bachrach44 said...

In all seriousness, have I got the mutual fund for you:

vicex - it invests in vice (gambling, guns, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, etc.) I actually ran some numbers about a year ago when I realized that investing my IRA funds in a mutual fund that specialized in only social responsible companies was losing out big time to the S&P 500. I theorized that if good was doing poorly, evil must be doing well. Lo and behold, vicex was beating the S&P over just about any 1 year period you wanted to look at. (This was about a year ago mind you). Since then it's fared a tad worse than the market as a whole, but everything is so far down it barely matters.