Dames Deign Designs Discriminatory

Smart Design has an internal group called the Femme Den - four female industrial designers that have expertise in female-specific product considerations. Not surprising. Their insights: think about women and design for the ways we know women are different (emphasis on 'soft' features like aesthetic, a product's affect on others, etc.). Again, not surprising.

Here are the three numbers I found interesting: (most pulled from Consumer Electronics Association)

* Chicks make 80% of consumer purchases. It is not surprising that is over 50, but 80?!

* Babes buy 57% of all CE. They buy for themselves and their loved-ones. That does mean that my 2400W amp with Dolby 12.1, each with their own fiber optic output, should also appeal to the missus? (No offense to you audiophillic missus out there.) What is interesting about this number is not so much that it is pro-femme, but, rather, how much lower it is than the 80% women make up of total purchases. 20% of buyers make up 43% of this market. That means that, when men do shop, they are much more likely to shop for CE.

* Dames influence 90% of all CE purchases. Hm. Sounds impressive, but what the heck does "influence" mean? Do they impact the binary decision to buy, or the price, or the features? Heck, any CE product that is used in a house with two people usually requires input from both people. The remaining 10% could be single nerds or small purchases that don't require input - like my remote control helo, etc. This number seems, at best, deceptive.

[HT: Fast Company - I don't usually read you any more. You are SO touchy-feely.]

p.s. What does a man have to do to get a decent headline around here?

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