The Elusive Tablet

Bill Gates sees tablets as the next big thing in computing. Actually, he's seen it as the next big thing for about a decade. Steve jobs has seen it as the next best thing for longer - ever since the Apple Newton showed up, was amazing, and then totally bombed. Even with tablets well under $1000 and TechCruch's CrunchPad and Apple's Tablet coming out in the fall - offering pure tablets with less power for "couchtop computing -- I am still very skeptical. I have long looked for a tablet myself. Avid readers will know that I eventually settled on an iPod Touch and have never looked back. At best, I see them as a niche product. I don't know why users don't rush to these most natural of form factored devices, but the ample data shows they don't.

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Grant Hutchinson said...

The Newton didn’t “bomb” as you put it … it was EOL’d by our dear Mr Jobs. The MessagePad 2100 and the eMate were rising stars (finally) and had a steadily increasing adoption rate prior to being discontinued as products that were labelled as not “core” to Apple’s business … at least according to Steve.