Memphis Naughty, Stripped

The NCAA is going to strip Memphis of 38 games in its run up to the Final Four of men's basketball in the 07-08 season. The move comes after an investigation into Memphis practices of having third parties take (academic) tests for players, etc. How much is this going to cost offices around the country who now have to revisit their pools and recalculate payouts? Just think of the cost of tracking down employees that have left or - worse - were laid off in the recent downturn and now have to return their winnings. I jest, but if you won or lost thousands in Vegas pool, how would you feel right now?

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bachrach44 said...

I really like how the NCAA uncovers egregious misconduct on the part of one of its teams, and then strips the team of wins from a previous season as punishment. They act like this is the worst punishment ever, and the teams and coaches act remorseful and upset, but really they all know the punishment is meaningless. The players still got to celebrate a final four season, they all got an opportunity to get drafted, the coach still has his 7 figure contract and his prestige, and the recruiting has already been done. The NCAA can pretend all it wants, but the bottom line is that everyone saw Memphis go to the final four, any no bureaucrat can possibly change that. Until the NCAA grows a spine and starts imposing real penalties that actually hurt people, this kind of misconduct will continue.