Brady and Vick

[NFL Network highlights from last night.]

The mechanics looked like they needed a touch of work when he aired it out - neither really long pass to Moss hit the superstar WR in stride. That said, the short to medium game looked really good.

Things were a little more confusing on the other side of the ball with Eagle's acquisition of Vick. That makes 5 QBs for the Birds. I understand that rookie Adam DeMichele isn't coming off the practice squad for a while, but that still leaves McNabb, Feeley and Kolb (Kevin). Is this a sign that McNabb really is done? And, if so, isn't Feeley good enough to step in? And, if not, what was the point of drafting Kolb in the second round of 07 and developing him only to leave him in the cold now? Or is this all a ploy toward a multi-QB package using Vick in a modified Wildcat? And then there's always the possibility that the 1000+ rushing QB could end up as a running back. See? I have now idea what the thinking was. That said, if there was a team and a town that could accept Vick back into the fold culturally, it is Philly, with its hard edge and solid urban backing.

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