Further Favre Flappings

Actually, this isn't about Favre per se, but the havoc he has wreaked on the Vikes. No position is more deeply affected by this move than QB, where folks like Don Banks have noted that Jackson - erstwhile savior of the Vikes - and Rosenfels - the spurned favorite to start - are likely pissed. He points out, I think correctly, that neither man will want to pony up a ton of effort if and when Favre is either injured or too gassed to be effective.

That's all fine and good, but let's not forget the Third Man - John David Booty. One of USC's super passers for two years, he broke convention before the draft and stated clearly that he wanted to be a Viking. They obliged, though at a much later stage in the draft that JDB might otherwise have been taken. That left him as the number 3 man on the roster, wearing #4. As of Monday, he's now the #4 man wearing #9. To me, that's insult and injury in one tasty package.

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Flarf said...

...plus, the 4th QB can only be on the practice squad... he can't even suit up.