Uncle Festo's World of Wonders

[Festo YouTube Video] Festo has developed robotic penguins that use "bionic" tech - i.e. that modeled on the mechanics of living tissue. The result is something eerily "real." Add to that the fact that the things are autonomous and I am hooked. Of course, Festo didn't stop at the fluid dynamics of water. They have flying penguins too (at around the 1:00 mark). Take that nature!

In other news, YouTube now suspends embedding at the request of a video's poster. A lot of people are taking advantage of this. I suspect we'll see a lot of disabling initially, followed by an equilibrium as people realize that embedding means more views and more views means more exposure, no matter where it happens.

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bachrach44 said...

My first thought was "wow - that really is a very realistic moving penguin". My second thought was "wait a sec, how the heck do I know what a realistic penguin looks like?"