Something for All (Well, Most) of My Neighbors

The DC City Council today voted to recognize gay marriages of other states. DC is odd because legalizing gay marriage outright may require Congressional approval, and I don't have to tell you how fun that would be.

I was going to put in a note that some states require you to be resident before you can get a same-sex marriage, but I just looked and nobody has one. MA dropped its requirement in July 2008. The new law in IA doesn't have one.

Whichever side of the debate you occupy, these sure are interesting times.


David said...

I'm thrilled that Vermont and DC are addressing this issue via the legislative process - that, in my mind, is the ideal approach.

I don't like using the court system to make large changes in how laws / society work - it seems to be a recipe for lots of unhappiness and continued fighting.

Adinalex said...

It makes sense to NOT have a residency requirement. Do heterosexual marraiges require you to live in the state you are getting married in? I don't think any do - if they did, the "destination wedding" wouldn't exist. And I am sure the states where they do allow same-sex marriage are benefiting from the tourists who come to wed.