Do Sightless Keypads Make Sense?

Here is a concept from Android developers for a keypad that you don't have to look at. It's actually an amazingly simple idea, which is what makes it so brilliant. Anywhere you put your finger on the screen becomes "5." You then stroke up for "2", down for "8", etc. The system even has a haptic feedback (a tactile vibration) when you have stroked far enough. That let's you find "0" which is 2 numbers below "5." You stroke through the first vibration for "8".

Thing is, the stroking is slower than a normal keypad. Also, it is only useful if you can't see the keys, and it requires that you remember numbers. In that scenario, it is a lot faster to use voice dailing because I can just say the same of the contact. Even if the computer needs to "confirm" what I said, it is still faster.

Great tech, but it may solve a problem few have.

[HT www.gizmodo.com ]

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LuvNmuzic said...

Neat idea, but this guy did NOT have to talk for a whole minute and a half before the demonstration. :)