Mac Mini

I don't think I pitch a lot of products, but this one is near and dear to my heart. The Mac Mini just got an update from Apple - which means that the new one is more powerful and the old one is going down in price. Beyond more power and an additional USB port, little has changed. Thank god.

I got my mac mini one Sunday from Microcenter in VA. I had nearly done a 'windows upgrade' with my Windows desktop late that week, but it wasn't worth the cost of replacing the glass. After two blown motherboards, a blown power supply, and not a lot of great performance from a new dual core machine, I had, in two words, had it.

It took four hours to make the round trip to the store for a Mac Mini, an external housing for the harddrive out of my defunct desktop, and a keyboard (gotta be mac compatible), to install Apple's Boot Camp, and then to Install Windows (there are a lot of programs I don't want to rebuy for the Mac). It it worked. And it continues to work. And it will be too soon if I ever buy another pc desktop in my house again.

Have I had problems with the little mac? When I am running windows sure. When I am running the mac - silly, it's a mac.

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