Out and Out

I heard that Anderson Cooper was gay. He won't confirm it, but a lot of other outlets will...and he's never commented about their comment about him. Um. Right. Rachel Maddow is gay and is out and proud about it. Of course, I had to look that up, because close-cropped hair, bookish glasses, and a penchant for Dickies scream "hipster" just as much as they scream "gay."

There is a nagging question for me in all this. Something between: "The president is black, the newscasters are gay, and the world doesn't focus on either. Isn't that nice?" and: "How many people would boycott AC360 if they found out? MSNBC fans - those commie, sissy pinkos will welcome anyone." Don't yet know how I feel about it.

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AdinaLex said...

I started hearing those rumors a few years ago... I guess I read way too many celebrity gossip websites and magazines...