Steven Lofchie, We Salute You!

Steven Lofchie is the world's most boring man. A tax partner at a New York law firm. He does f0r perhaps fair compensation what nobody in their right mind would want to do, and he does it for about twice as many hours as they'd be able to do it. So imagine our shock (mine and the minds at http://www.abovethelaw.com/) when he wrote a piece lampooning Congress's recent efforts to tax the AIG bonuses. Then, imagine our shock when his firm, Cadwalader, a place not known for its sense of humor, actually published it: PDF HERE.

For lovers of Manny, Marbury, Movies, A-Rod, and the Pats, this is not to be missed.

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David said...

Amusing concept, but the execution could be better. I think that the current administration's approach needs no exaggeration to be mockable, so a deadpan delivery would have been a bit better.