Dr. Gupta of CNN fame has taken his name out of the running of Surgeon General. While many saw him as an odd pick, I saw it as a recognition by the White House that it could hit the ground running on Public Health by leveraging the face/name recognition. After all, the SG is now a public face more than a policy wonk and certainly more than a surgeon.

Gupta withdrew citing a desire to be with his family, but noted that whoever does take the job should really go out there and drive home the point of public health. I am disappointed. Sure, you make into the seven figures, doc, but you are that person. Few, if any, other medical professionals have your visibility and your telegenic flair. None of them have an existing brand. That means any other candidate will not be able to raise the profile of the SG as much as you could. That's why POTUS asked you to make the personal and economic sacrifice to serve. You know all this and you declined. Perhaps there are good reasons, but I am disappointed.

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Male Moon said...

Time with family = skeletons in closet. Perhaps another guy with tax issues. I'm optimistically taking this as a sign that the Obama team has learned some lessons from Geithner and Daschle and are doing a better job of vetting nominees.