Need. More. Apple.

No, not www.apple.com. They announced the Mac Mini and Shuffle updates this week, so clearly they are focused on less Apple. Unless they are focused on "do more with less Apple," in which case it might be relevant. You've been reading for almost a paragraph, and I have yet to make a point. Forget it, I am abandoning this paragraph.

New paragraph. There, isn't that better? All this potential. Of course, now I've squandered the prime real estate at the beginning usually reserved for my topic sentence. Darn. Two down, one to go.

The Big Apple could be a bigger apple (there's that segue you were hoping for!) if we looked at one of these - dare I say - daring proposals by a former NY City planner. I know that cities are green, but I have to imagine that there is a limit to that truism, and I would venture that perhaps New York and cities of that size are over that limit. Do we need more NYC? Do we want more NYC? I mean, I don't get the sense that New Yorkers are hankering for this, do you?

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